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Advisory:  Due to fall flood damage, many bridges to backcountry campsites are missing.  McGraw Ranch Road and Cow Creek Trailhead, and Dunraven Trailhead to the North Fork area are closed.  Wild Basin has detours & some trail closures - the bridge to Ouzel Falls is missing, and part of the trail from Finch Lake junction to Calypso Cascades is closed.  The Sandbeach trail bridge at Hunters Creek is missing.

In the Bear Lake area, the Boulder Brook trail bridge is missing.  Odessa Lake Campsite/Spur Trail and Glacier Gorge Campsite bridges are also missing.  In the Fall River area, there is severe damage to both the East and West Alluvial Fan trails.  Endovalley Road and Old Fall River Road are open to pedestrians.  Use caution when crossing streams.

Rocky Mountain National Park draws hikers from all around the world to its diverse and beautiful trails.  Whether you're looking for a casual stroll or a multi-day backpacking adventure, the Park has trails you'll love!

We've divided Rocky's trailheads and trails into 5 regions to make it easy for you to find a trail in the area where you'd like to start hiking.

  1. the West side - known for moose & big meadows
  2. the Alpine known for spectacular tundra
  3. North of Hwy 34, 36, and Estes Park - known for wilderness escape
  4. Bear Lake, the heart of the East side - known for easy access with great views & lake hikes
  5. Long's Peak and Wild Basin - known for waterfalls & back country

Trails are listed under the trailhead where you will start your hike.  3D views of the hiking area give you a good feel for the terrain.

Each trail is rated in difficulty with a color coded icon.  Elevation gain and distance are important factors to consider in choosing a trail because only you know your limits.  Distance listed is one-way - double it for a round trip.

(Green circle) Easy - generally short and relatively level; accessible to nearly everyone who can handle the distance at altitude.

(Blue diamond) Moderate - requires some degree of physical conditioning.  You should exercise regularly and be used to the high altitude of the Park before attempting one.

(Black diamond) Difficult - steep and/or long, and requires good physical conditioning and acclimation to the altitude of the Park. 

Get in Shape Tips for your RMNP Hiking Trip.

Castle Mountain

Valhalla Resort

Alpine Trail Ridge Inn


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