Free Summer Shuttle Buses

RMNP Shuttle Bus Routes 2017

Leave Your Car Behind!

Estes Park and RMNP provide a system of free shuttle buses that connect at Visitor Centers and Park & Ride lots and allow folks staying in Estes Park to easily get around town, and to visit the Park and hike or sightsee while minimizing the hassles of parking and traffic.

Getting a late start on your hike?  During the peak summer season, popular Bear Lake trailhead parking areas in the Park often fill up in the mornings.

Your safest bet is to park at the Estes Park Fairgrounds and take the Silver route to the Town of Estes Park Visitor Center, transfer to the RMNP Hikers Shuttle to the Bear Lake Park n Ride (stopping only at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center along the way). Hikers will then transfer to either the Bear Lake Route or the Moraine Park Route to access popular trailheads.

The Hiker's Shuttle operates daily from May 27 through Sept 10 and weekends only from Sept 16 - Oct 9. The first bus leaves Estes Park at 7:30am, and the last bus returns at 8 pm. It runs every half hour during the peak of the day (11am - 6pm), and every hour early and late. A park pass is required.

Once at the Bear Lake/Glacier Basin Park n Ride, you will transfer to either the Bear Lake Route to access hikes along the Bear Lake Road corridor (Bierstadt Bus Stop, Glacier Gorge Trailhead, and Bear Lake), or the Moraine Park Route to access Sprague Lake, the Glacier Basin and Moraine Park Campgrounds, Cub Lake, and Fern Lake Trailheads, and Moraine Park Discovery Center as well as Hollowell Park & Tuxedo Park.

These Park buses run from 7:00am - 7:30pm, every 10-15 minutes on the Bear Lake Route,   and 7am - 7:30pm  every 30 minutes on the Moraine Park Route daily from May 27 - October 9.

 Estes Park Shuttle Map 2017

Around the village of Estes Park, there are six routes that fan out from the Visitor Center:

  1. Gold route (Trolley) runs continously in a loop through downtown Estes Park 9am - 8pm
  2. Silver route serving the Fairgrounds Park and Ride lot with 400 paved parking spaces and a bus shelter
  3. Blue route which goes East on 34
  4. Red route which goes West up Fall River Road
  5. Brown route which goes South along Route 7 and Mary's Lake
  6. Green route (new) operates noon - 4pm in a loop between the EP Events Center, Bond Park, and the Visitor Center

Except for the Brown route which operates hourly from 8am - 8pm, and the new afternoon Green route,  shuttles operate every half hour from 9am to 8:30pm.  In 2017, Estes Park Shuttles operate daily June 24 through Sept 10.

Buses stop at shops, restaurants, attractions, and lodging to make it easy for visitors to leave their cars at their lodging or to choose to go completely carless.