Eugenia Mine

Trail Review

Rating:  Moderate
Distance (Round-trip):  2.8 miles
Elevation:  9,400 feet to 9,908 feet above sea level
Elevation Gain:  508 feet

The trail up to Eugenia Mine leaves from the Longs Peak Ranger Station through a forest of mostly lodgepole pines and aspen. Just before you arrive at the Eugenia Mine, you will cross a footbridge over Inn Brook Creek. The Eugenia Mine was worked beginning in 1908 by Carl Norwell. He built a 1,000 foot tunnel and laid rail track to bring out the ore, but was never able to make a fortune from it and abandoned the mine in 1919.

Once you get to the mine, you will see remains of the old Norwell cabin where Carl and his wife and two daughters lived while he was working the mine. If you walk up the hill a ways, you will see the old, rusted steam boiler and a large, flat gravel landing, as well as sawed-off tree stumps in the creek. The mineshaft that Norwell dug is up the hill from there, but the National Park Service filled it many years ago.  

Eugenia Mine Cabin_Steam Boiler_Inn Brook Creek Footbridge

Pictures of the remains of Norwell's log cabin (left), the hike through lodgepole pines (top right), Footbridge over Inn Brook Creek (middle right), Steam boiler (bottom right)