Mountain Biking Roads in Roosevelt National Forest - Canyon Lakes

Mountain Biking Roads in the Canyon Lakes District - Roosevelt National Forest

Bald Mountain
Chicken Park
Crown Point Road
Crystal Mountain Road
Deadhorse Mountain
Deadman Tower Road
Experimental Road
Flowers Road
Jimmy Creek Road
Johnny Park Road
Kelly Flats 4WD Road
Killpecker Road
Long Draw Road
Monument Gulch Road
Moody Hill Road
Mount Margaret
Nunn Creek Basin
Old Roach Road
Pearl Beaver Road
Pierson Park Road
Pole Hill Road
Roaring Creek Road
Sand Creek Road
Sevenmile Road
Swamp Creek
Swan (Eggers) Area

The Canyon Lakes District of Roosevelt National Forest publishes these guides:

Cyclists' Ethics and Reminders

  • Respect the rights of landowners and do not trespass on posted private property.
  •  Bicycles are not permitted in wilderness areas within the national forest, nor are they allowed on trails in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  •  Horses can be extremely nervous animals. Please use caution when passing or approaching horses, especially from behind. Warn the rider of your presence. If necessary, dismount your bicycle and wait for the rider to signal you through.
  •  Water bars may be hazardous to cyclists, so please be aware of water bars on trails and roads.
  •  Keep a slow speed and enjoy your surroundings.
  • Approach turns in anticipation of someone around the bend. Downhill riders yield to uphill riders.
  •  Always ride with someone or tell a friend where you are going and when you expect to return.
  •  Stay on designated trails and roads to avoid trampling native vegetation and to minimize erosion and impact.
  •  Avoid disturbing livestock or wildlife.
  • Do not litter. Pack it in, pack it out.


Be prepared and equipped to look after yourself and your bike. Your individual needs will differ but the following is a checklist of basic mountain biking equipment:

  • Water
  •  Tire pump and tire irons
  • Spare tube/patch kit
  • Adjustable and specialty wrenches
  • Helmet
  • Extra food and clothing
  • Topographic map of areas
  • Compass, first aid kit, whistle, cable and wire fiber tape