Big Wall Climbs on The Diamond, Long's Peak

Colorado Mountaineering
The Diamond, Long's Peak, IV- VI, 5.10-5.13

Over thirty routes, most superb, ascend the Diamond, the great 1000 foot vertical to overhanging wall which rises above Broadway at 13,100 above sea level.

Extremely visible from Estes Park, this is our El Cap and Half Dome transported to a high alpine setting, one of the most beautiful big walls anywhere in the world.

The Casual Route (IV, 5.10a), the Yellow Wall (V, 5.11a), and Eroica (V, 5.12b) are three classic routes on the Diamond, each at a different degree of difficulty. The Casual Route is the easiest route on the Diamond and 5.10 at 13,000 ft. is not that easy.

 ...By John Bicknell, Colorado Mountain School 

 Diamond on Longs Peak