Colorado Elk Hunting

Elk Hunting

Hunting is permitted in Roosevelt and Arapaho National Forests but not in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Elk that live in the National Park in the summer naturally migrate to the warmer, lower elevations of the National Forest for the winter. The Park permits no hunting within it's borders but relies on hunters in the Forest to thin their herds.
There are three times more elk in Estes Park than in Rocky Mountain National Park. We need more hunters to keep the elk in balance with the habitat.
Grand County, known as a "Sportsman's Paradise," offers some of the best hunting in Colorado.
The Park has historically been a Colorado hunting ground for thousands of years.  Read about the discovery of Prehistoric Game Drive Systems.

Old Fall River Road (the first road over the Continental Divide) follows Indian hunting trails, and you can walk the Ute Trail today in the paths of indians crossing the Divide.