Bear Lake Loop Trail

Trail Review

Rating:  Easy
Distance (Round-Trip):  .6 mile
Elevation:  9,475 ft above sea level
Elevation Gain:  20 ft.

The trail that loops around Bear Lake, following the shoreline, is one of the most popular trails in Rocky Mountain National Park, year round.  Frequent benches and resting places are provided, with lots of opportunities for peak views.  It's relatively flat - average grade is 0% to 4% with a maximum grade of 16% for a short distance.  The surface is hard packed dirt with some rocks in the trail.  There is a shuttle bus stop and ranger station at the trailhead which is at the end of Bear Lake Road.

For a virtual visit of the Bear Lake Loop Trail, using Google Trekker, click Bear Lake Trekker View!

Bear Lake at SunriseBear Lake Reflection Summer
Bear Lake in Winter

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