Chasm Lake Trail

Trail Review

Rating:  Moderate
Distance (Round-Trip):  8.4 miles
Elevation Gain:  2398'
Elevation:  9,405' to 11,803' 

The trail to Chasm Lake starts off from the Longs Peak Ranger Station and mounts slowly but steadily through a forest of lodgepole, spruce and fir.  You will pass the trail heading towards Estes Cone and Eugenia Mine on the right.  You continue on the path, following Alpine Brook for a short distance.  You cross over a rustic bridge and then move from the sub-alpine forest (at about 2 miles in) to an area with trees that resemble a 'dwarf forest'.  As you continue, you arrive in the alpine tundra.  At the ridge on Mills Moraine (11,550'), you will find a privy/pit toilet, and a place to attach your stock (which are not allowed further up the trail). 

From there, the trail becomes narrower and rockier.  You follow the valley side above Peacock Pool - there are quite steep cliffs just below, so pay attention!  At the end of the valley, you pass over the Roaring Fork and reach a flat area with a privy/pit toilet.  Take the steep path towards the right - the path is no longer well-marked as you go up the rocky incline.  You'll do a quick zig-zag, and then arrive at Chasm Lake.  There you will see the east face of Longs Peak, called the Diamond.

     Chasm Lake - Diamond East Face Longs Peak

Chasm Lake Trail Pictures