Tundra Communities Trail

Trail Review:

Rating:  Moderate
Distance (Round-trip):  1 mile
Elevation:  12,050' to 12,310'
Elevation Gain:  260' 

As you drive on Trail Ridge Road from Estes Park towards the Alpine Visitor Center, just before you arrive, you will see a small parking area on the right side with restrooms.  This trail is rated moderate because it is at high altitude.  The trail begins at the Rock Cut Trailhead and is entirely paved, going through beautiful tundra.  It can be windy and tends to be much colder than down in the valley, so you might need a jacket. 

The trail starts off with a bit of an elevation gain, then slowly becomes mostly flat for the top portion.  As you go to the top, you pass the Mushroom Rocks.  When you get to the top, you will see a large outcropping of rocks, upon which you can find the Roger Wolcott Toll Memorial plaque commemorating his many years of service to the national parks (1921-1928 for RMNP). 

For a virtual visit of the Toll Memorial Trail, using the Google Trekker, click here!

Tundra Communities Trail

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