Calypso Cascades and Copeland Falls

Trail Review:

Rating:  Easy
Distance (round trip): 3.6 mi.
Elevation Gain: 700 ft.

The trail to Calypso Cascades begins leisurely through the forest, reaching Copeland Falls after only 0.3 miles. Around a mile in is the Pine Ridge backcountry campsite.

After 1.2 miles the trail gets steeper and follows stairs up past the North St. Vrain River with lots of smaller falls dispersed along the way. The Calypso Cascades are surprisingly tall and beautiful. The amount of shade on this trail makes it perfect for a hot summers day. 

Calypso Cascade trail
Left: Calypso Cascades
Top right: fawn in the forest
Bottom right: Pine Ridge backcountry campsite
Copeland Falls
Copeland Falls