Continental Divide Trail

Trail Review:

Rating: Moderate
Distance: 30 miles
Elevation Gain: 3,500 ft

The entire Continental Divide Trail spans 3,100 miles from the border of Canada to the border of Mexico. The section of the Continental Divide Trail in Rocky Mountain National park is 30 miles long, beginning on the USFS Bowen Pass Spur Trail and ending on the East Shore Trail. The highest point of elevation is 12,363 feet.

The Continental Divide trail in Rocky Mountain National Park includes views of all the highlights of the park.  It peaks both Flattop Mountain and Ptarmigan Point. It's at least a two day hike so proper planning and backcountry camping permits are a must if you're thinking of hiking this trail!

Here's an independent trip review with lots of great pictures and details!

Continental Divide Trail

Above:  View of the Continental Divide Trail from the Summit of Hallett Peak.

Below:  Crossing the Continental Divide by car at Milner Pass on Trail Ridge Road.

  Continental Divide on Trail Ridge Road