Fern Lake and Fern Falls

Trail Review:

Rating: Moderate
Distance (round trip): 7.6 mi.
Elevation Gain: 1,380 ft.

Beginning at the Fern Lake trailhead, this hike includes lots of sights and attractions. There is an easy 1.7 miles to the Pool, and another slightly more difficult mile to Fern Falls, which is a gorgeous, thundering waterfall that's well worth the nearly 3 mile hike. The next 1.1 miles before Fern Lake are a steady upward climb through coniferous forest.

This trail was named for the ferns all over the forest floor. Along the way the are several small waterfalls, Marguerite Falls and views of the Big Thompson River through the trees. Fern Lake is right at the base of Little Matterhorn and Notchtop Mountain and reflects the surrounding mountains dramatically.

Fern Lake trail