Hallett Peak Trail

Trail Review:

Rating:  Difficult
Distance(round trip): 10 mi.
Elevation Gain:  3,238 ft.

Continuing 0.6 miles from Flattop Mountain, the trail to Hallett Peak follows cairns up a very steep and rocky scramble. Luckily, it's fairly short and the views from the top of Hallett Peak are magnificent.

From the top, you can see everything you saw on Flattop plus Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain Lake, and Lake Granby! Mountain Ranges stretch out in every direction. If you are planning on peaking Flattop Mountain, the extra 1.2 miles to Hallett Peak and back are a must.

Hallett Peak Hike

Top left: prayer flags at summit of Hallett Peak.
Top right: view across the summit ridge of Hallett Peak.
Bottom:  view to southwest with hiker

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