Lake Haiyaha Trail

Trail Review:

Rating: Easy
Distance (round trip): 4.2 mi.
Elevation Gain: 750 ft.

Beginning at the Bear Lake Trailhead, the trail to Lake Haiyaha follows almost entirely the same trail as Dream Lake. The trail to Haiyahu then turns south along the east flank of Hallett Peak, with spectacular views just around the corner.

There are smaller pools scattered nearby the lake. "Haiyaha" is a Native American name meaning "Big Rocks" and this proves to be accurate along the shore of Lake Haiyaha. There are huge and small boulders surrounding the lake, making it fun to climb and explore them for different views. From Haiyaha, you can return to the Bear Lake Trailhead or take a junction to Mills Lake, the Loch, and Alberta Falls in the Glacier Gorge area.

Lake Haiyaha