Lake Odessa

Trail Review:

Rating: Moderate
Distance: 4.1 mi. from Bear Lake trailhead
Elevation Gain: 1,205 ft.

Hike this trail for a variety of views and landscapes! Beginning at Bear Lake. the trail to Odessa starts with a slow, steady climb through a thick aspen, spruce, pine, and fir forest. Through the trees are spectacular views of Alberta Falls. The trail climbs 1,675 feet in the first three miles before dropping 1,020 feet to the lake.

There are stretches of open tundra as well as a rocky descent with excellent views of Notchtop Mountain. Odessa Lake itself lies at the bottom of Little Matterhorn and can be seen by the third mile which includes a very rocky descent beside a ledge before reaching Odessa. This final mile is not recommended for small children. From Lake Odessa, hikers can either return to the Bear Lake Trailhead or hike an additional 4.4 miles to the Fern Lake Trailhead.

Odessa Lake trail