Pear Lake Trail

Trail Review:

Rating:  Moderate to Difficult
Distance (Round-Trip):  13.0 miles
Elevation Gain:  +2,112' net elevation gain (+2,582' total roundtrip elevation gain)

Pear Lake hike is an area that sees limited use during the day - wildlife sightings are common as a result. It was once used as a reservoir, but has been more recently restored to its natural water level.  It is located in the Wild Basin Area of the park and can be accessed by the Wild Basin Trailhead or the Allenspark Trailhead. 

From the trail, you have good views up Wild Basin toward Mount Copeland (13,176') and Ouzel Peak (12,716'), and north to Mt Meeker (13.911').  The Pear Creek Backcountry Campsite is about .4 mile from Pear Lake.  Once you've arrived at the lake, you can also see Ogallala Peak (13,138').

Pear Lake