Wind River Trail

Trail Review

Rating:  Easy
Distance (Round-trip):  3.8 miles
Elevation: 8,300' - 9,040'
Elevation Gain:  740' 

The Wind River trail begins at the East Portal Trailhead just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, and adjacent to the Estes Park Campground at East Portal.  From the East Portal trailhead, you start off the climb by going up a somewhat steep incline.  Once you reach the top of the incline, it is a gentle hike along the Wind River for a good portion of the trail.  At the end of this trail, it meets up with the Storm Pass trail, which will lead you to many of the more well-known spots in RMNP like the Sprague Lake and Glacier Basin areas.

Wind River Trail - East Portal Trailhead

Wind River Trail Map