Ypsilon Lake

Trail Review:

Rating: Moderate
Distance (Round-trip): 9 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,180 feet

Beginning at the Lawn Lake Trailhead, Ypsilon Lake is 4.5 miles of forested uphill trail. Towards the beginning of this hike, you will pass by the dramatic flood-ridden landscape left behind from when Lawn Lake Dam broke in 1982. Pass the Roaring River before heading into the woods towards Ypsilon.

After 3.9 miles you will come across Chipmunk Lake, which is much smaller and less grand than Ypsilon. From Chipmunk Lake you can see Ypsilon Mountain! Another 0.6 miles will bring you to Ypsilon Lake, which boldly reflects Ypsilon, Chapin, and Chiquita Mountains. A waterfall flows nearby Ypsilon, with a trail that leads to the Ypsilon, Chapin, and Chiquita Peaks if you want to continue on with a more challenging hike.


Ypsilon Lake
Lawn Lake flood path