Big Horn Sheep

Bighorns Grazing in rmnp

Bighorn Ram

Bighorn Sheep

In the summer, bighorn sheep are seen at Sheep Lakes in Horseshoe Park on the east side of Rocky Mountain Park. Hikers on the Specimen Mountain trail may also encounter sheep.

The October-November rut brings head-butting contests on the mountainsides.

In the winter, look for big horn sheep on sunny south-facing slopes, particularly along Fall River in Estes Park and the Big Thompson canyon east of Estes in Roosevelt National Forest.

When grass begins to sprout in the spring, they come down to roadsides and lawns to munch the tasty new growth. May is lambing time and they are less visible.

Driving up to Estes Park through the Big Thompson Canyon (Highway 34), you'll often see Rocky Mountain Sheep grazing at the edge of the road, stopping traffic.

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